Bicycle App: Testing the Top 3 Free Cycling Apps


  1. Komoot – The Bicycle Navigation App
  2. Radbonus – The Motivational One
  3. Zeopoxa Cycling: Bicycle Tracker – The Sporty Choice Conclusion – Our Test Result

When the weather outlook becomes more pleasant and the days get longer, some people retrieve their bicycles from the shed. Cycling is also becoming more digital, as there is a growing number of bicycle apps. We introduce you to the top three free ones for both Android and iOS.

Komoot – The Bicycle Navigation App

The free bicycle app, Komoot, proves to be invaluable for every cyclist when it comes to finding or planning tailor-made routes. The bicycle navigation allows you to plan your perfect tour with details such as terrain, difficulty, distance, and elevation. To follow these routes, you don’t even need to open a map, as the application guides you through the deepest forests with voice commands. Additionally, the app distinguishes between cycling, mountain biking, and road cycling. In rural areas where reception can be weak, the app conveniently allows you to save created routes as offline maps, making this feature particularly useful for international travel.

We also appreciate the cycling community within the app, where you can exchange ideas with other cyclists, give or receive tips, and share pictures. You can even become an expert if others recommend you and your expertise. If you ever find yourself unsure of where your bike should take you next, the “Discover” menu can provide inspiration. There, you’ll find routes in your vicinity, including the distance and estimated time required. Furthermore, the application can also be used for sports such as running and hiking.

Pros and Cons

Radbonus – The Motivational One

When it comes to the best cycling apps, Radbonus is a must-mention. The application is a kind of “Miles & More” for cycling. Simply open the app before each bike ride and record the distance. With this application, you accumulate bonus points for every cycling kilometer, which can then be used as discount codes for various shops, such as Lieferando, Little Lunch, or Powerbar, offering discounts of up to 15%. Cycling really pays off!

Moreover, the app features various challenges. If you cover a specific number of kilometers within a defined period, you can participate in raffles with prizes such as product packages from TeeGschwendner. It’s even possible to participate in multiple challenges simultaneously, providing great motivation for diligent cyclists.

Pros and Cons

Zeopoxa Cycling: Bicycle Tracker – The Sporty Choice

For particularly sporty and ambitious cyclists, Zeopoxa Cycling: Bicycle Tracker is the ideal application. With this app, you can track your speed, measure distance, count calories burned, and set individual training goals. Possible goals include weight loss, strength building, speed improvement, or endurance enhancement. The app tracks your entire (bike) training via GPS, monitors your statistics, and helps you achieve your goals – a genuine fitness app for cycling.

The application also includes numerous other features. Under the “Challenges” menu, the cycling app presents various tasks such as reaching specific kilometerages or speeds, allowing you to challenge yourself and work on your fitness. Additionally, under “Records,” you can see your best performances in duration, distance, speed, calories, and pace. Of course, you can also share all your bike rides with the app on various social networks. Unfortunately, the bike app is currently only available for Android users.

Pros and Cons

Conclusion – Our Test Result

All the bicycle apps introduced here are must-haves for cycling enthusiasts. Komoot always helps you find the best routes and provides constant inspiration when you’re unsure where your next bike trip should take you. If you want to become more athletic through cycling and improve your fitness, Zeopoxa Cycling – Bicycle Tracker is the optimal app for you, allowing you to set and achieve goals. An extra treat is the motivating bicycle app Radbonus, where diligent cyclists are rewarded for their kilometers, making the pedal push even more attractive.

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